Frequently asked questions


For tandem flight you don't need any previous experience and no special athletic efforts are demanded. If you already made a tandem flight you might be interested in our cross country flights.

Take off, flight and landing

You will be briefed about the take-off, flight and landing process before the flight itself. For the take off it takes just few fast steps down the slope. Flight time depends on the area and weather conditions. Before the landing we get into upright position and land gently on the ground.

Weight, age, camera

Maximum weight of the passenger is 110kg / 220lbs. Passengers under age of 18 should have a written agreement by one of the parents. You can bring your camera.


Although paragliding in Slovenia can be enjoyed all year round, activity strongly depends on the weather conditions. We can not fly during rain, snow, strong winds or reduced visibility. That is why we can not plan the flights much in advance.

Booking and reservation

We prefer to book the flight event months in advance but, reservation must be made one or two days before the actual flight. However, you may get current information every day by calling us directly.

What to wear

You will need sports jacket or long sleeved pull-over, comfortable trousers and hiking boots. For cross country flights you will need warm sport jacket, warm gloves, sunglasses and video camera. :)


All our pilots have undergone extensive training and passed all demanding examination of Slovenian Civil Aviation directorate. In addition, our pilots are distinguished by their enormous paragliding know-how and superb flying skills. Our safety is subjected to regular checks by experts and includes the following:

  • training, personal experience, qualification and certification of pilots
  • suitability and safety of equipment
  • weather conditions check continuously via phone and Internet, correct procedure in the event of weather changes


Gasper Prevc: +386 40 153 490
Primoz Susa: +386 40 204 504