Paragliding tandem cross country flight

Fly like an eagle, high above Soca Valley.

This amazing cross country flight starts from Kobala takeoff above Tolmin. We recommend the flight to anyone who wants to feel the passion of paragliding cross country flying. Flying takes us above the valley of Soča towards the highest peaks in the region.

What to expect

  • adrenaline fun
  • adventure in nature
  • flying
  • sightseeing
  • driving


April - October. On a sunny day between 11:00 and 16:00. We can`t fly in rain or too strong wind.


50-60 minutes flying, 2h whole trip.

Altitude difference

900 meters between take off and landing.

Maximum altitude

Depends from thermal activity, average 1500m.

Flying distance

10 kilometers.

Suitable for

WEIGHT: Passanger weight should be between 50 and 90 kg.

AGE: More than 15 years. 

MOTION SICKNESS: If you suffer from motion sickness please be aware that this flight may affect you. We recommend you select regular tandem flight instead.

What you need

Sport shoes and warm sport clothes.


190 €